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you realize that life is forever, in the memories of those that love you.

-my brain


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In a way, some of the worst people in the world, can make others the best people in the world.

The worst person may hate; they may keep you down, keep you sad, be prejudice, and terrible.

This however, turns others into believers. Lovers. Those who appreciate all encumbrances. They will be always up, happy, and accepting. Striving for greatness, for the thought of the “worst” is the main motivation. The captivating principle. It keeps us sane, keeps us living, keeps us good. It keeps us.

–my brain, nov. 10/2006

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here’s to the crazy ones

Heres to the crazy ones

the misfits

the rebels

the troublemakers

the round pegs in the square holes

the ones who see things differently

they’re not fond of rules

and they have no respect for the status quo

you can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them

about the only thing you cant do is ignore them

because they change things

they push the human race forward

and while some may see them as the crazy ones

we see genius

because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world,

are the ones who do

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avanza la razza umana

avanza la razza umana

People are here. Each individual and unique. Whether separate or together we are here for a purpose. People, as one, are here to gain knowledge, to transform the earth, our surroundings. To become an advanced nation, advanced culture, an evolved being. We as one, are here to “Push the human race forward.”

avanza la razza umana

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The Amazement of Anonymity

The Amazement of Anonymity

I think I enjoy history, sci-fi, and games like World of Warcraft (that’s not to say I don’t enjoy other things, I like kickboxing, reading, writing, and driving around…VW) because of the Anonymity of it. Same goes with the Internet Forums, and just the internet itself. Some people, when I say Anonymity, think of it as the example of being anonymous in a crowd, and having the “power” to do whatever as no one knows who you really are. This works especially when on the internet in chartrooms or games; Inside, one may feel an urge, gain a certain fetish to become someone else, for example to become mean and bitter and criticize others, while being a shy introvert in real life. I’ll use the example of history. Think of all the people and events that we know about; the leaders, kings, queens, and pharaohs that we read and hear about. The patriots, peasants, chefs (not chiefs…okay chiefs too), gladiators that we’ve learned about. All have touched lives and made history in their own right. Now think about the hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of people, things, events that stand in between us and those past (and future events) that we do & don’t know about. The unknown “heroes” I’ll call them, the anonymous ones that we don’t know about and that don’t know about us. As they say, there’s a whole world out there; I say yes, and there’s about nine others and probably billions out there floating in a big black area that we don’t really know too much about. I am on a car forum called The VWVortex. I really like Volkswagen cars, and this forum is an information guide and chat room all in one. There’s years of information on this site. You enter the main page, proceed to the Forums section. There are topics ranging from different car companies, all the way to a “lounge” where one can find and speak about anything. Entering any one of these different topics takes you to a pyramid of different categories in which it narrows down into even more specific things like the car section for the Volkswagen Golf, or a Photography Section, respectively. In the VW Golf Forum, one would talk about, ask questions, and even show off their car. In the photography forum, one would talk about cameras, ask questions, and so on. Now think about the slew of information on this one website. You can search from corner to corner, spend days on end looking through this website, and you wouldn’t be finished reading everything within a year if you spent every day all day reading. This car forum is just one in the millions out there on the web. One is essentially anonymous in a crowd of hundreds of thousands of people on this particular site, which is part of the fact I am getting at. Now as for the game World of Warcraft, it is a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG), which means that the over 11 million people play the game and can interact, fight, and help each other. There’s massive cities, continents in the entire world (of warcraft) that one can explore. It takes sometimes ten minutes to fly to an area. It may take a player 20 minutes to walk their character to a destination. I (and probably others) are interested by this game, not only because it creates friendships between people during interactions and playing, but in that it creates a fantasy world that one can lose themselves in. Become anonymous and wander the ‘world’ by themselves. Players can infiltrate different cities of different races of characters and observe and interact with the characters and people in that city. While exploring, a player can witness wild animals fighting, explore caves, or just sit by a stream (all very similar to the anonymity of real life). Back to reality, there’s all of earth to explore, but that may not be feasible for some. For others, exploring the entire world of a game is a major accomplishment. Imagine transporting oneself instantly to a different continent, a different city, a strange village, it becomes a different world than one is used to. Now think about going into the houses, or the small huts around, and seeing the people there in their daily lives; imagine walking through a forest or city you’ve never witnessed before. Seeing the different wild animals, or the stores, the people there, and learning and getting used to that type of lifestyle. THe totally different society of how one would live, interact, and go about their daily routines. A completely different way of life that one probably didn’t know existed. Now come back to your life. You’re here at your computer, reading this article. What if there are other universes, galaxies out there, what about parallel universes that may exist. How do we know there’s not another earth out there with someone just like you, sitting there reading a computer article, but instead of the person reading with their eyes, they read with, let’s say, their hand. Who knows. There could be a planet full of people somewhere else, a lifetime away, that have minds that function as computers, and it rains fire outside, and they have forked tongues like reptiles that helps them to know where a smell is coming from. They would think we are weird for having to pay for something that functions as their minds, a climate where water falls from the sky, and having a non-forked tongue that can’t smell or tell us where a smell is coming from. We would probably seem involved to them. But that’s not what this is about, it’s about how those people are probably, and hopefully thinking as well “wow, there’s a whole other world out there, not just this one that has many different and complex cultures, societies, and people that exist; these people from earth are completely different.” Some of us take this world and this anonymity for granted in that we don’t learn or expect anything of other cultures or places or people, we form prejudices against them, call them ‘backwards.’ Bring yourself back to your room, yourself in front of the computer; think about outer space (space? It seems so bizarre, wonderful and harmless to just call it “space.”). Everything we think of and do in our lives is important to us because it’s all in our minds and we make it important. Now think of how different everyone’s mind is. Some can bend spoons (or so they say), some can visualize a bridge and build it, some can do mathematics lightening fast. All of this becomes and is our lives, we get wrapped up within it and we forget about the past, the future, the present. But we’re still anonymous (would a harsher yet more effective word be ignorant? But not ignorant in that we chose not to learn about other beings or societies or universes, but that we just don’t have the ability to learn about it, such as the ability to travel millions of light years in a few seconds. Hopefully that will come an we can discover these people with the forked tongues, computer minds and the climate that rains fire…) to the universes, planets, cities and people out there in our own planet earth and on others; yet it’s all in and on our minds at one point or another. Anonymity is amazing.

I’m not too sure if it makes complete sense near the end, if you agree or have anything to add, email me:


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Whatever Works

“…whatever love you can get and give, whatever happiness you can filtch or provide, every temporary measure of grace – whatever works.”

-Boris Yellnikoff

from the movie Whatever Works, by Woody Allen

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in flew one says

a key to a door

ah quay two adore

guerilla warfare

gorilla wore fare

gorilla wharf air

buttons, but tones, butt ones

tones tones tones, listen to the tones,

but don’t listen to the tones of the butt ones’ tones.

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The Shift and Depreciation of the English Language Due to Internet

Kids now a days have more access to many things, and by access I mean on the computer, which is leading to a decrease in the ability of coherent speaking of the english language. These are not only access to things such as chat rooms, porn, games, and blogs (albeit there is more out there, but this sums up the jist of what I and many other kids out there do on a lazy day basis). I don’t mean to make it sound that every kid watches porn, plays games or chats, I’m just saying these are the many, too easily accessible things that are diminishing our human contact, leading to a depreciation of the english language. I have noticed just within a span of a few years, from my brother’s grade, only two years older than me, to my generation, to two or three years under me. Kids have begun to shift and speak a completely different language. For example, I was at a friend’s work christmas party, and there was this kid who was 16, and in the conversation he said “want beef?” This isn’t really an example of a depreciation of the language; it’s actually quite clever, taken from the Pigin language for “got a problem/want to fight?” But it’s things like this that make the language shift. I’ll come back to this “shift.” Other times I hear kids using words they learned on the computer, such as “leet” which in computer language is 1337, meaning elite. Other variations of computer language used in daily life are LOL, 143. These mean laughing out loud and I love you, these examples come from the 1337 or leet computer language. This leet language, for a bit of background, was formed in the ‘underground’ of the online computer gaming world. Codes were formed, using alpha-numerical and other characters to form sentences, which contain all sorts of spelling and grammatical errors; it nonetheless formed itself into a language. Besides computers and they’re easily and readily available ways to access things instantaneously across the globe, are its ways to exploit yourself just as instantly across the globe. I’m not saying this in a bad way, it’s just an integral part of the shift in language. With these online blog and chat features and programs such as MySpace, Facebook, and Nexopia, to name a few popular ones, kids are able to open the door into their own personal life, space, and home. They’re able to show friends, family, music, habits, hobbies, photos (sometimes quite promiscuous) to everyone and anyone willing to be their “friend” over the net. This then leads to other kids (sometimes not kids at all, “Someone who may claim to be a 14 year old girl, may in fact be a 40 year old man” quoted from the Nexopia website) posting pictures and messages of random things. This also ties in with fashion, music, and current trends (all tie in with emo, punk, surfer, skater, and retro, most of the trends of today) of which I’ll be very succinct when I say it reflects some european ways. There’s also the more accepting attitude toward homosexuality (personally I don’t care who is and isn’t gay). This leads people (straight or otherwise) to be more free of what they say. Men and women using more words such as cute, and “I love you” even to mean just a friendship. However it also leads to weirdly written sentences (sometimes not even sentences at all) with strangely inserted characters in the middle of it to form some type word or phrase that sometimes makes no sense to me, but lots of sense to the receiver. To be sure that it wasn’t an inside joke with a couple or few people who were friends, I’ve spent many an hours looking at nexopia, myspace and other pages of random people who all have similar writings. Examples that stuck out the most are ‘&&,’ the use of the ampersand twice. Also the use of && along with ‘amp;it,’ no spelling mistake there, the semi colon was put there by the people typing it. Supposedly this means the next word is continued from the last word or sentence into the next. There’s also the use of emoticons. However some people, instead of using the actual face, or making a look-alike face :-), they do :rollseyes:, which usually in HTML format, forms a small face rolling its eyes, but they do it to signify the face. These types of things all shift language to becoming lazier. Instead of saying how it made you feel, kids just put “I went to Mike’s party and it was :thumbsdown:” This is a simple, stupid example I made up while writing this, but it gets the point across. Instead of saying “I went to MIke’s party, it was pretty boring, no one showed up, so I left early,” they just put the thumbsdown sign in hopes that the other person they are talking to will understand. Many times I have seen someone say, instead of “I love you” or even 143, the code language, they write I ❤ you, which is nice, and means "I heart you," (the ❤ is supposed to be a heart). Then that slowly shifted to "I hearts you" instead of people putting "I love you lots," or in the worst case "I ❤ x2 you" (meaning I heart you times two), we get a mutation into something like "I hearted you much." The language just gets very strange. These examples show up in daily speech, I've heard some of the people I know that are between the ages of 14-20 speaking like this (not to say there's not older people talking and writing like this, it's just these people are what I've experienced and how I gained this 'knowledge'). My knowledge is based predominantly on just plain spending time on the computer, using my own accounts of facebook, nexopia, myspace, hi5, friendster, tagworld, all those similar things, and not to forget MSN and online computer games. The knowledge of these things just seeped into my conscious and I began to think about it, along with doing my own research from sites such as wikipedia, (that may sound like an uncredible source to do research from, but alot of the facts and postings on there are true, you just have to look through the pile of funny dirt thats on top). I say knowledge meaning just things I think about and the ideas and theories I form in my mind, along with putting it together like a puzzle with the informal research I've done, and just by talking to others on the subject. One person I talked to said that the english language will be completely screwed up and changed in the next years to come. As I thought about that, it made some sense in my mind. I see things just from the change from about 5 years ago, the language is completely different. Maybe it will be screwed up and maybe it won't. Who knows.

If we look at the times through the ages, there was different speaking, almost every 10-20 years. Lets start with the 1930's-1950's, it seems that people who endured the depression and war were the fathers (figuratively) of a more mature language. But they were also the fathers (literally) of a completely different language ten years later: their kids. These kids who were born between 1940-1950's, grew up in the 1960's, in their teen years, and looking at the language differences and uses from the 50's to the 60's, only ten years, there was a big leap. People seemed to speak more conservatively and formal in the 50's. In the span to the 60's, something evolved to the hippie language. It was a neat and wondrous language that probably many thought was very strange and made no sense. Going on to the 1970's, it seems the language evolved to the, what we refer to today as, as the retro language, or disco era language. That was also a cool strange way of speaking. That then evolved in the 1980's with the punk and grunge revolution and into the 1990's where it was a homogenized and coagulated form of what seems like 60's, 70's, 80's, all vying for a place. The 2000's are now evolving into something mixed up with all the past years languages. I've heard things dating back hundreds of years, even thousands; some things of ye olde english, some things of the retro/disco eras. This all evolves together and mutates into something weird, and it shifts the language.

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you can’t be embarrassed with your life.  it’s your one chance to make it and to have fun with it.  wear your nice clothes once in a while, learn everything you can.  Life shouldn’t be about always having to do your best, trying your hardest, being the happiest, strongest, fittest, smartest, maddest, weirdest, funniest, most different, dressing the best, most money, worrying person. Anything. You should just be. You don’t have to be yourself if you don’t want, just be. Just do what you feel, anytime, anywhere, say what you want (most of the time if it’s appropriate). Have fun with life. Don’t always stress and work and hurt yourself doing anything. Try hard, persevere, but don’t let it consume you. We are equal. Life should have equilibrium. Don’t let anything consume you, change you, or work you over. People, are people, words are words, animals are animals. Don’t forget life is short and fragile. Embrace all of lifes encumbrances. Don’t be depressed by seeing things change. Embrace what you know, take it in strides, figure it out.



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