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you can’t be embarrassed with your life.  it’s your one chance to make it and to have fun with it.  wear your nice clothes once in a while, learn everything you can.  Life shouldn’t be about always having to do your best, trying your hardest, being the happiest, strongest, fittest, smartest, maddest, weirdest, funniest, most different, dressing the best, most money, worrying person. Anything. You should just be. You don’t have to be yourself if you don’t want, just be. Just do what you feel, anytime, anywhere, say what you want (most of the time if it’s appropriate). Have fun with life. Don’t always stress and work and hurt yourself doing anything. Try hard, persevere, but don’t let it consume you. We are equal. Life should have equilibrium. Don’t let anything consume you, change you, or work you over. People, are people, words are words, animals are animals. Don’t forget life is short and fragile. Embrace all of lifes encumbrances. Don’t be depressed by seeing things change. Embrace what you know, take it in strides, figure it out.




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